ARV Owner Stories

Hear a little from our customers about their experiences with Augusta RV.

“1 1/2 years on the road and still rolling…..”

“Augusta RV,

We hope you all had a good year – we certainly did! 1 1/2 years on the road and still rolling. We plan to attend the RV Tampa Show in January and hope to see you there.

It is amazing how much interest in Augusta there is. Several times we have had knocks on the door from people who were driving by and wanted to see a unit without going IN!

Wish you a great 2017!

Colleen & Tom Gomes

Valentines Luxe LF-39FB Testimonial

Thank you so much to the Valentine’s for this AWESOME testimonial!
Mr. & Mrs. Valentine

“I still get the same excited feeling…..”

Beth and I wanted to Thank You, Brad and Mike for taking care of our Ambition.

Brad and his team did an outstanding job for us. I love the Truma water heater!

I know we have had it for about a year now, but I still get the same excited feeling as when we first stepped into it last fall.

Charlie & Beth Vicari

“Just beautiful”

Mr. & Mrs. Parker

“…its got every feature we can imagine”

Mr. and Mrs. Newkirk

“Quiet simply the best product on the market….”

Quiet simply the best product on the market. My wife and I are preparing to move into full-time RVing and we visited IN and toured numerous rv manufacturers. Debra was nice from the start answered every question and even talked well of other manufacturers never once bad mouthing any other. From start to finish nothing is left short from laying the insulation and not leaving a gap. I am a commercial aircraft technician by trade and I am hear to tell you that no other high end RV on the market pays such attention to detail. We are super excited that the Luxe is a product even offered. Cant wait to purchase our first RV. If you have never toured the factories I highly suggest it. Augusta RV sells itself compared to all others. You get what you pay for.

Erik & Christine Ford

“We wish every manufacturer was as easy to work with as you guys are”

Like Beth tells me all the time I’m hard headed LOL! Thank you so much for your kindness! I hope you guys get a chance to come to Illinois and visit us sometime. We would love to show off our Ambition. We wish every manufacturer was as easy to work with as you guys are. There would be a lot more happy campers out there. At least we can steer them your way! Thanks for all you do! You are Awesome just in case they didn’t tell you that. lol. Have a wonderful day my friend.


“…the unit sold itself.”

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“my unit is “rock solid”

Ohh my that is excellent. This is the third fifth wheel I have purchased now and this is by far the best service I have ever received. In the past I have been told I would have to bring my unit back to the manufacturer for any repairs no matter how minor (Crossroads RV) #joke of a company. I sincerely thank you very much for all of the help you have and continue to provide to me. On another note other than these minor issue my unit is “rock solid” and far and above anything anyone has on the market today, and I have toured them all.


“…amazing thing is our water never froze.”

When buying a 4 season coach you wonder if it really is one or just an advertising gimmick. After careful research on the construction of the Luxe and Ambition The wife and I settled on the Ambition 38RL over the Luxe just to save a little weight but we must confess we were a little worried about the 4 seasons capability of the Rig.
Jackson's new Ambition unitWe are full timers living in Clovis, NM and after the past couple of days I want you to know I’m sold. We had found a problem with the gas furnace and have an appointment with our dealer to have it fixed but in the meantime the mother of all winter storms hit New Mexico hard, as you can see by the pictures we have drifts of over 10 feet and the wind was blowing over 50 MPH for 18 hours and the temps with wind chill were near 0.
Jacksons unit in snowWith only 1 heat pump the heater in the fireplace and a stand alone electric heater we survived. The amazing thing is our water never froze. We do have a heated hose but I was sure with no floor heat I would loose my water. The rig stayed about 65 degrees through the night and I slept very well and a hot shower in the morning. Please inform your team I said thanks for a great product.

The Jackson’s, Clovis NM

“…we were blown away with how nice it is…”

Thank you for your time today and for showing us our new camper. It is gorgeous and we were blown away with how nice it is and what a nice job everyone did putting it together.
We hope you and your staff and families have a wonderful Christmas.
See you soon!

Duane and Laurie

“… great product and wonderful service for us full timers.”

Thank you for building a great product and wonderful service for us full timers. Deb has been fantastic to answer any questions and spent the time with me over the phone to help me make the decision to purchase a Luxe. I will look forward to become part of the Ambassador Program as well.

Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas…

Neil Loving

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“We are enjoying the new life.”

Hello Friends,
We are enjoying the new life. We will be in San Diego until the end of January then off to western Arizona for two months. If you come to CA for a show, please let us know! We’d love to see you again! Tom feels good and the daily exercise is good for both of us. Have a Merry Christmas with your family!

Tom and Colleen

“… this was completely unexpected and very much appreciated.”

Recently, we had a problem while on the road and showed up on your doorstep in Bristol to get a leak fixed in the bathroom of our Luxe RV.

I would like to commend everyone at Augusta RV for the excellent treatment we received. Not only did you repair the shower leak, but the crew at Augusta did an extraordinary job of adjusting and fixing many minor corrections, many of which we were not even aware of. Special thanks to the young woman who worked on and completed a redesign of the cabinet next to the stove….this was completely unexpected and very much appreciated.
Everyone was extremely helpful and made sure that Deb and I were satisfied with the changes that were made. We received a factory tour that was informative and allowed both of us to experience the quality, care and craftsmanship that goes into each unit.

Thanks for all of your help and assistance and making us feel comfortable with our unit. Our trip to the factory, while it was unexpected, was very beneficial and we look forward to a rewarding relationship with this brand.


Dave and Debbie

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“We want to thank you for all you did…”

Dear Leslie,

We want to thank you for all you did to help with the expedited replacement/repair for the hot water heater and especially your efforts with the front slide repair. As you know, this RV is our home. We are very grateful that you went the extra mile to express ship your Augusta parts to significantly expedite this process, which greatly cut the time frame for the slide repair, over what Lippert and Bay Area RV were planning. We also understand that the actual effort was much greater than making a few phone calls/e-mails.

To follow up with you on these repairs, we also want to report that we were very pleased with Bay Area RV. They constantly updated us as to the status and made the repairs upon receiving the parts. Allison of Bay Area RV wanted us to know that it was a pleasure to work with you because you followed through and made things happen. You should be confident in future work with them.

We hope you have a great weekend, and again, our deepest thanks.

Tom & Colleen

“…they all went above and beyond to answer our questions…”

Dear Chris,
Beth and I wanted to take a minute and thank the entire Augusta Team for making the purchase of our new Ambition one of the most memorable days for us. Who would have guessed 2 years ago when we started looking for a new 5th Wheel we would become one of the “family”. For us it seemed our needs were pretty simple to us. We wanted a quality 5th wheel that wouldn’t fall apart around us, and someone we could trust to take care of us when issues did arise.
This is our 4th new RV and I can tell you we have never seen or experienced anything like Augusta. What started as Beth seeing an ad in Trailer Life magazine for Augusta RV, me sending an e-mail to Nick looking for a local dealer, and him inviting us to the factory to see them manufactured, would subsequently led to us buying the finest 5th wheel I’ve ever seen direct from the Augusta no less.
I have to tell you the Pride, Professionalism, Innovation and Attention to Detail show in every aspect of the Ambition and I’m sure every Augusta product. Those are qualities that many will argue have gone from American soil some years ago. Those attributes are alive and well and even encouraged at Augusta RV my friend!It’s difficult to explain the “Augusta Experience” to my friends and fellow RVers. It simply has to be experienced! How do you tell someone about Joe & Mike’s passion, Kara’s eye for color and texture, Leslie’s love of people and wanting everything to be perfect, even Nick’s patience, infectious smile and “we can do that” attitude. It became very apparent rather quickly Chris that we were buying more than just an RV, we had a piece of everyone who touched our Ambition with us every step of the way.
Your entire team made sure we felt at home and they all went above and beyond to answer our questions and find whatever answers we needed. We were never pressured or made to feel uneasy during the entire purchase process. When it was all done Chris we didn’t even know the process was complete. It was by far the easiest purchase process ever!
Thank You doesn’t seem to say enough as to how we feel about our new Friends at Augusta RV. I can honestly tell you if it doesn’t say Augusta on it, it will not ever be behind my truck!

Charlie & Beth


Because of our commitment to continuous product improvement, Augusta RV reserves the right to change components, standards, options, specifications, pricing and materials without notice and at any time. Photos may show optional equipment which may not be included in the standard purchase price of the featured unit. Be sure to review current product details with Augusta RV before purchasing.