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Factory Tour | The RV Factory

Factory Tour

Recently Claude Donati, President of The RV Factory, does a video walk through of our new 55,000 square foot facility going over why factory direct is the way to buy. In this post I will go over a few of the things Claude points out. Please stay tuned for the video, which will be up on YouTube very soon!

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When you walk into our new office you will be greeted by Michele in our foyer. Michele will then let your factory representative know that you are here and you will either go on a tour or hang out in the customer lounge.

Showroom | luxury fifth wheels | fifth wheels

Next you will be taken to our factory direct showroom that will have units from all three brands (Augusta RV, Weekend Warrior, Avion Vans). We want you to spend as much time as you want to look over our units and find what you like, what you don’t like, or what you would want done to your unit.

luxury fifth wheels | fifth wheels | factory tour

After you have seen our units, you are more than welcome to take a full tour of our facility with your Factory Representative. You will see every stage of production. We have nothing to hide here! This is very unique because if you end up ordering a unit, you can actually watch YOUR unit come down the production line. It is a very personal experience, not only for you but for our production staff as well!

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Our craftsman take great pride in building your unit! That is why they take their time and make sure that our units are built with care and quality first and foremost.

luxury 5th wheels | 5th wheels | Factory

Jimmy Patterson and Steven Zonker are two of our factory representatives that not only take your order but oversee the construction of your unit!

luxury 5th wheels | 5th wheels | Augusta RV

Claude also shows you our facility that manufactures the historic Avion Vans which is adjacent to the toyhauler and 5th wheel lines. Please call us at 844-830-8349 if you have any questions! Also, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel’s Augusta RV and The RV Factory to catch the full video of Claude’s Factory Tour!

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Augusta RV Acquisition by The RV Factory

The RV Factory Acquisition of ARV

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Augusta RV was acquired by The RV Factory – I am sure there are rumors going around right now about this so I would like everyone to know that Augusta RV’s quality, construction and personnel will not change. The LUXE and Ambition will still be manufactured along with Weekend Warrior and Avion Vans at our new 70,000 square foot facility in Elkhart, IN.

Claude Donati is now our President heading up all of the brands under The RV Factory name. This is a very exciting time because we now have the space and capability to sell three lines factory direct to you! If you have any questions please give us a call at 574-848-2729.

The RV Factory | Luxe | Ambition | Augusta RV

Official press release is the following: “The RV Factory, a factory direct manufacturer of the Weekend Warrior toy hauler and the Avion Class B Vans has acquired Augusta RV. Augusta RV is a factory direct manufacturer of high end Fifth wheels under the brand names Luxe and Ambition.
Both companies will be moving to a 77000 square foot manufacturing facility in Elkhart, Indiana. The transition will occur over the month of November and company officials state the production line will be running at full stream by the first of December.
“We are very excited to consolidate these two good companies in order to make one great company.” States Brian Shea, Founder of The RV Factory. “Having the opportunity to share best practices and pool our resources will make the company very strong.”
“This move allows the Augusta team to continue to build some of the best products in the fifth wheel market, while maximizing our efforts with The RV Factory,” Stated George Thomas, Founder of Augusta RV “Brian and I have known each other for 30 years and it will be fun to go to the next level together” continued Thomas.
Both companies sell factory direct which is meant to provide retail customers with a more involved relationship with their manufacturer.”

The RV Factory2503 Marina Dr. Elkhart, IN 46514

Hot air baloon

The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta | Full Timing It

The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta | Augusta RV

By Steven Bahrns at

The Balloon Fiesta was certainly the highlight of our trip. It is impossible to describe how spectacular the launch of approximately 600 balloons in a two hour period can be. This, added with the predawn “morning glow” and the dawn launch of the balloons with their propane burners lighting the multi colored balloons make this a must see event.

Hot Air Baloon Festival

The Fiesta usually takes place in early October, lasting nine days and encompassing two weekends. There are numerous ways to attend. We chose to go with the Newmar Kountry Klub and travel from the Newmar Rally just finishing in Pueblo, CO. They had reserved 50 sites in the VIP section which was next to the Balloon Museum and only a short walk from the launch field. These sites are at a premium and virtually impossible to get without going through a club or tour group. We hesitated at the price of over a $1000 for the five days of dry camping, but now after being there we are glad we did. The price included a complete guide and instructions on how best to get there without hitting heavy traffic, tickets to all field sessions, a special commemorative jacket, three lunches and two dinners at very nice restaurants. In addition, the hosts provided valuable insight on how to get the most out of the event. The first evening one of the balloon pilots brought his basket to our sites and provided a private demonstration on how everything works in a balloon flight. We were so close to the field that two mornings we relaxed at the motor home, drank our coffee and watched the balloons drift right over us. Some that couldn’t make altitude even landed right behind us in the parking lot….Read full article here


What to Know About Buying Your First RV.

What to Know About Buying Your First RV

By Darla Preston

Sailing down the open road in an RV with the wind in your hair and your family and/or closest friends by your side is certainly a dream worth visualizing. It’s an ideal environment for those with a taste for wanderlust, but getting from point A–acquiring an RV–to point B–hitting the road–is far easier said than done. If you’re just stepping into the market to search for your first home-on-wheels, you might be feeling overwhelmed by all of the important points to consider. To help your journey go smoothly, here are a few things to keep in mind when looking to buy your first recreational vehicle:


Consider Your Needs Before Deciding On a Type

Not all RVs are created equal, and it’s important to find the one that best suits your specific needs. There are important differences between motorhomes and travel trailers, as well as with Class A, B, and C motorhomes, and in order to make the right decision, you’ll need to take some time to extensively educate yourself on what these variations entail.

To pick the right model for you, you also need to evaluate your needs, such as:
What will the RV be used for? If you are only going to be using it for sporadic roadtrips, a smaller model would most likely work, whereas if you plan on residing in it full time or for extended travel periods, a larger one might be a better bet.
How many passengers will be traveling with you? Similarly, the more passengers you have regularly adventuring with you, the larger vehicle you’ll probably need.
Do you plan on owning it long-term? Some models depreciate quicker than others, and if you feel that you might need/want to sell your RV in the future, this could be important information to look into.
Do you have the time and resources to upkeep and travel with a larger model? Typically speaking, the larger your vehicle is, the more likely you’ll be spending more on insurance, fuel, maintenance/repairs, etc., so it’s important to make sure your budget and schedule allows for these details.
Are you aware of the possible setbacks of a big rig? More space can definitely be a perk, but it may be harder to find campgrounds that are big-rig friendly. While most campgrounds do have 50 amp hookups available, some max out at 30 amp and some charge more for the full 50. Similarly, some roads are closed off to larger vehicles for safety purposes, so you’ll need to map out your route carefully.
If you will be living in your RV, do you know how to best handle your taxes? For example, some states offer RVers tax advantages while others don’t, and this can be a major thing to look into when deciding where to set up your homebase.

Understand What Up keep and Maintenance Needs to Expect
Keeping your RV in good shape is the key to minimizing costly repairs down the line, so you should thoroughly look into the type of upkeep that the model-of-your-choice will require. Cleaning both the inside and out, changing the oil regularly, checking tire pressure, giving your generator a check-up, etc. are a few examples of what you should be monitoring on a routine basis no matter what type of rig you have.

Also, if you plan on full-timing, you’ll need to create a backup plan for the times that your RV is out of commission or getting serviced. Perhaps you should set aside a small budget that would allow you to stay in a hotel for a few days if your RV ever needed something major repaired. After all, it is your home, so it’s a wise idea to have a strategy for the times you won’t be able to occupy it.

Decide If You’ll Buy New or Used
When it comes to buying your RV, there are pros and cons to investing in new and used models, so it’s best to weigh them out.

The pros to buying a new RV include:
Everything is new, meaning it should be in top-notch mechanical condition.
All of the appliances should be modern and work smoothly.
Some newer models are more fuel-efficient, saving you money on gas.
You’ll have the option of choosing exactly which floor plan you want.
You should have access to a satisfying warranty.

The cons of purchasing a brand new RV include:
RVs depreciate rather quickly, so if you planned to sell your rig down the line or upgrade to a newer model, you would get quite a bit less than you payed for it.
It could be costly upfront.

When it comes to used RVs, there are some positives and negatives as well.

Pros of Buying a Used RV:
You’ll save money.
You could find a great deal on a newer used model, as the value of an RV depreciates quickly.

Now, there are some cons to consider as well:
The person who owned it before you might not have taken very good care of it, meaning you could end up dumping quite a bit of money into repairs and maintenance costs.
You might not find one with the exact floor plan and accessories you want.
You might not have any warranty options available to you, making the purchase more of a risk.

Test Everything
Whether you’re buying new or used, one thing is certain: you need to test everything. Take time to get a feel for what the rig has to offer by testing out all appliances, test driving it thoroughly, sitting down on the furniture, etc. Don’t rush into anything, or you might overlook an important detail. Your purchasing journey should be slow and steady, and ideally, you’ll have a mechanic who you trust look over your potential new RV and inspect every aspect of it, especially if buying used.

Make a List of Must-Have Accessories
In the RV world, the supply of accessories you can choose from is close to endless, and it can be difficult to know which ones to pick when you’re adorning your first recreational vehicle. Eventually you’ll be able to get all of the bells and whistles, but for just getting started, the following list should help you get better enjoyment out of your new rig:

An RV awning. Many new or used RVs will come with an RV awning, but if your new rig doesn’t have one, or comes with one that isn’t in great condition, it would be a good idea to look for one that will best complement your vehicle. Awnings provide shade from the sun, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without being a victim of the harsh UV rays. Additionally, you can explore many variations of awning room attachments, which attach to your RV, literally creating an extra room outside.
Clean water equipment. Water filters, water pressure regulators, water hoses, etc. are all items that your RV might not come with. Each model is different, but your water source is an item that you should have figured out before your first road trip.
Waste management equipment. Learning how to properly deal with your waste water, also referred to as your black or gray water, is a huge responsibility of being an RV owner, so it’s important to make sure you acquire all of the necessary equipment and knowledge of how to legally dispose of it if your rig does not come fully ready.
Towing equipment. If you plan on investing in a travel trailer or fifth wheel, an RV that you tow behind your vehicle, you’ll want to ensure that your budget allows for the proper towing equipment.
Entertainment items. Are you going to watch TV? What about a mobile WiFi hotspot for your RV? A sound system?
Power sources. Most RVs come with power cords, but if you plan to use your power without being hooked up to an electrical source, consider outfitting your RV with solar panels and/or generators.
First-Aid Kit. It’s always a sound idea to be prepared for emergencies, so take some time to put together an emergency medical kit before hitting the road.
Heating/Cooling Options. Whether you’re planning on traveling in the winter, summer, or anywhere in between, keeping your RV at a balanced, safe temperature is important. There are many tools out there to help you keep your vehicle warm and/or cool, so spend some time understanding your options to ensure you fully understand what the best route is for your rig.
Emergency Equipment. Flashlights, emergency weather alert radios, water filters, and solar powered phone chargers are just a few items that can help you prepare for an emergency. To find a more detailed list, browse through RV forums to find out from seasoned travelers what they have found to be the most useful emergency items when it comes to staying safe on their adventures.

At the end of the day, your first RV purchase will be more successful if you do your research on some basic RV accessories, understand the different types of RVs that are available, evaluate your own needs, and test everything. It’s a time-consuming process, but when it’s all said and done and you’re hitting the road in your new motorhome, it will all be more than worth it.

By Darla Preston

Luxe Hauler

Follow the Luxe Hauler’s Trip to California | California | Augusta RV

Follow the Luxe Hauler’s Trip to California | California!

We are close! So ready to be done with this super long trip! The Luxe Hauler is ready to debut at the California RV Show tomorrow! I hope you have had fun following the long trip out here! Be sure to keep using the hashtag #LuxeHauler to get involved! Don’t forget I will be doing a live walk through on Facebook at 6:15 pm (Pacific Time) on 10/7/16! Don’t forget to share this with your friends!

Luxe Hauler

Follow the Luxe Hauler’s Trip to California | Las Vegas | Augusta RV

Follow the Luxe Hauler’s Trip to California | Las Vegas

Las Vegas
Vegas!!! The Luxe Hauler is turning a lot of heads here in Vegas, maybe we will sell it before it’s debut at the California RV Show in Pomona! Follow it’s trip right here on our blog or on any of our social media outlets! Use the hashtag #LuxeHauler to get involved! I will be doing a live walk through on Facebook at 6:15 pm (Pacific Time) on 10/7/16! Don’t forget to share this with your friends!

Luxe Hauler

Follow the Luxe Hauler’s Trip to California | Utah | Augusta RV

Follow the Luxe Hauler’s Trip to California | Utah

We are over half way there! Looking forward to arriving! The Luxe Hauler is ready to be showcased to debut for the first time at the California RV Show in Pomona! Follow it’s trip right here on our blog or on any of our social media outlets! Use the hashtag #LuxeHauler to get involved! I will be doing a live walk through on Facebook at 6:15 pm (Pacific Time) on 10/7/16! Don’t forget to share this with your friends!

Luxe Hauler

Follow the Luxe Hauler’s Trip to California | Colorado Rocky Mountains | Augusta RV

Follow the Luxe Hauler’s Trip to California | Colorado Rocky Mountains

Colorado-Luxe Hauler
We are in the Rockies right now! Beautiful out here, I never want to leave! The Luxe Hauler is doing great, still ready to debut at the California RV Show in Pomona! Follow it’s trip right here on our blog or on any of our social media outlets! Use the hashtag #LuxeHauler to get involved! I will be doing a live walk through on Facebook at 6:15 pm (Pacific Time) on 10/7/16! Don’t forget to share this with your friends!

Luxe Hauler

Follow the Luxe Hauler’s Trip to California | Iowa | Augusta RV

Follow the Luxe Hauler’s Trip to California | Iowa

Luxe Hauler Trip
The Luxe Hauler is ready to debut at the California RV Show in Pomona! Follow it’s trip right here on our blog or on any of our social media outlets! Use the hashtag #LuxeHauler to get involved! I will be doing a live walk through on Facebook at 6:15 pm (Pacific Time) on 10/7/16! Don’t forget to share this with your friends!

Luxe Hauler

Follow the Luxe Hauler’s Trip to California | Chicago | Augusta RV

Follow the Luxe Hauler’s Trip to California | Chicago

The Luxe Hauler is ready to debut at the California RV Show in Pomona! Follow it’s trip right here on our blog or on any of our social media outlets! Use the hashtag #LuxeHauler to get involved! I will be doing a live walk through on Facebook at 6:15 pm (Pacific Time) on 10/7/16! Don’t forget to share this with your friends!


Trip To Pomona | Luxe Hauler | Augusta RV

Trip To Pomona | Luxe Hauler | Augusta RV


Starting tomorrow (10/4/16) we will be posting our Trip to Pomona! Follow the Luxe Hauler’s trip to Pomona through our blog, Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram! Get involved by using our hashtag #LuxeHauler and by sharing our posts with your friends! Also, remember just because you can not be at the California RV Show doesn’t mean you can’t be involved in the debut. I will be doing a live stream on our Facebook at 6:15 pm (Pacific Time) on October 7th. So mark your calendars, it will be fun!


Luxe Hauler | Augusta RV

LUXE Hauler Coming Soon

The Luxe Hauler is at the paint shop right now and will be debuting on October 7th! We are very excited to showcase our very first Toy-hauler! Please stay tuned for more updates and maybe a few sneak peeks! If anyone is planning on going to the Pomona RV show, you will be able to see it in person!


Rocky mountains

Our visit with Augusta RV at the 2016 Hershey RV Show | RV Circus

Our visit with Augusta RV at the 2016 Hershey RV Show | RV Circus

Originally Published on by Mark Rowles

So, we’ve started looking for our next RV which made this trip to Hershey even more fun. Most of the time we wander around RV shows, dream and drool over the sea of new RV’s but this year we had a mission! Find the best family friendly RV’s on the market. Well, this mission was derailed when we happened upon the Augusta RV booth. We love to checkout the amazing 5th wheels on display and we were sucked right in. After spending about an hour in their booth we knew Augusta was something special!

As soon as we stepped foot into the first Augusta unit we knew we were in for a treat. These are obviously premium RV’s and are what we’d call “semi-custom”. The fit and finish were second to none. The colors, textures, and materials used were a step up from most other RV’s we’ve been through. During our tour through 4 different units we were able to checkout a good combination of floorplans and interior decor (our favorites were Beachfront and Manhattan). Speaking with the folks from Augusta you could tell they REALLY care about making the best 5th wheels possible. They pride themselves on producing 5th wheels that are designed for full time use and it shows. For example, the walls in the Luxe model are 3.25″ thick and the frame rails are 12″ I beams. Read the full article here!

Thanks RV Circus for stopping by and making this awesome video!


Blackhills South Dakota – Part 2 | Fulltiming It

Blackhills South Dakota – Part 2 | Fulltiming It

By Steven Bahrns at

You will see these words – Great Faces, Great Places – on the license plates in South Dakota. I think it really captures the essence of the most popular attraction in the state – Mt. Rushmore, but also highlights that it has much more to offer. In addition to Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse we loved the town of Deadwood in the north and its counterpart, Keystone in the south. Then there are Wind Cave National Park and Jewel Cave National Monument which are situated next to Custer Park. All three are amazing and a must see when you come to this area.

mount rushmore

As amazing as Mt. Rushmore is in its grandeur, Crazy Horse has it’s own majestic beauty. Once finished Crazy Horse will be the largest monument in the world. The face of Crazy Horse alone is so large that all four faces from Mt. Rushmore would fit inside it. Below is a picture of the model of the finished figure of Crazy Horse. The story about the sculptor who started this project and made it his lifetime work and his family that continues pressing on with it is captivating. Everything that has been done here is with private donations. The original sculptor wanted it that way so that there would be no government interference with the project. The work continues slowly so I don’t believe it will finished in my lifetime.

I’ve added a few more pictures of Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse below. There isn’t too much I need to say about Mt. Rushmore as it is well known, except that it should be on everyone’s bucket list. There is quite a bit of camping in the area although it is pricey as you would expect. We found a place, Heartland RV Park, that was fine for our stay. It was on the east side of Custer Park which made it a little bit of a drive to the sights, but with Passport America each night was only $27 instead of $54. Most other parks nearer to the monuments were $60 or more per night. Read full article here.


Blackhills South Dakota – Part 1 | Fulltiming It

Blackhills South Dakota – Part 1 | Fulltiming It

By Steven Bahrns at

I’m setting here on an overcast cool day in the Black Hills and am trying to catch up on my posts. I had to download lots of pictures and organize them, then decide how best to write about our experiences. The Black Hills are located west of the Badlands and, in my opinion, really divided into north and south with Rapid City being the dividing line. We headed north first and stayed at Elkhorn Ridge RV Resort (highly recommended) which seemed centrally located to the area. Deadwood, Sturgis and Lead are three of the towns in the area. Unfortunately we never made it to Lead, which is a historic gold mining town. Consequently, I can’t comment too much on it other than the literature makes it seem like a worthwhile stop if you have the time.


Sturgis is best known, it seems, for it’s yearly motorcycle rally. Being a former Harley owner, I can appreciate the draw of this event but I must admit that it’s probably a little over the top for me. The town, however, does have a history that dates back to the 1800’s. We did visit it and discovered that it was currently hosting a Ford Mustang rally. We can confirm that it certainly has lots of bars and eateries to accommodate large crowds. I believe that it is a place of interest and I would recommend at least one visit to “check it out” if you are in the area.


We found Deadwood to be the most interesting town in the area. It’s history and current attractions made it a place that we returned to a second time. When you walk down the street, you can imagine what the “Old West” may have been like and Deadwood was one of the wildest. The store fronts and interiors of many of the establishments take the visitor back in time. Gambling is now legal again in Deadwood so most of the bars and hotels have slot machines with some of the larger one’s also having table games. We tried our luck in a few places, but Deadwood got the better of us. No surprise. Read Full article here.


Badlands National Park | Full Timing It

Badlands National Park | Full Timing It

By Steven Bahrns at

The Badlands are amazing in that they just seem to pop up out of the prairie and then extend for miles in all directions. We found that the best way to view the park is by driving the Badlands Loop Road which starts either in Wall, SD on the west side or Interior, SD on the east. We started at Interior and drove west. You should definitely stop at the visitors center and get an overview of the park and have any questions that you might have answered by the park rangers. We found them to be very helpful.


There are overlooks and signs explaining the landscape as you drive the loop road. Overlooks are abundant along with hiking trails. If you have binoculars you should bring them as there is abundant wildlife in the park. You are warned numerous times about keeping a safe distance from the wildlife especially bison and elk, but we didn’t even see any of these species during the three days we were there. Speaking of the number of days, we felt that two days would be enough for a quality visit. We spent one day driving the entire loop road which takes a couple of hours depending on how much you stop, and then we went back to the areas we thought most photo friendly the next evening when the light was at its best. Of course you could pack this all into one long day, but we prefer not to do that. During the day, the direct light makes the park colors and features “flat”, however during early morning or late evening the park seems to come alive from the soft light of that time of day.

The one species of animal that is very abundant and fun to watch is the prairie dog. There are certain areas where there are hundreds of holes and the little creatures are everywhere. They don’t seem to be afraid of humans, making it easy to photograph them. Liz and I spent almost an hour watching them go from hole to hole and playing with each other.
Read Full article here